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SaiMahalakshmi is an expression of my love for Goddess Mahalakshmi :

Though i always had pains in my life and career, i have understood Mahalakshmi's blessings has always been with me. She has taken care of me like a mother and protected me . Shirdi saibaba made me always recite Mahalaxmi astakam which would have destroyed many of the sins i did in several previous births. I wanted to show my gratitude towards this sweet Goddess Lakshmi i made this site to spread the message that Goddess Mahalakshmi is not just a "Goddess of wealth"..she loves and cares for her true devotees and stays near them , lives in their house protecting them in all aspects of life.

About the Mahalakshmi photography :

By the grace of shirdi saibaba , i took did this photography of Goddess Mahalakshmi on 12th october 2007.That day i went to Saibaba mandhir and was coming around dhuni ( sacred fire ) few minutes.I suddenly felt an urge to do photograph Goddess Mahalakshmi and decided this being Navrathri season, the best time to make a website to express my devotion and love for Goddess Mahalaksmi.

I went to flower market, got lots of Lotus,Roses, Jasmine ,yellow flowers and while i was about to take the bus ,i saw a boy seling 'makka cholam" which i have kept besides Mahalakshmi in the picture. While travelling in bus, i was imagining how i must photograph this beautiful statue of MahaLakshmi which i got for Gollu.

I worked forcefully as i wanted to finish taking the photos and go back to saibaba temple again in evening.By the blessings of Shirdi saibaba the photograph of beautiful angel God MahaLakshmi has come out well.

I thank Goddess MahaLakshmi and shirdi sai baba for blessing me to make this website look beautiful through this photography.Wish i had better knowledge to make websites so that i would have tried to do something better.

My prayers for shirdi saibaba and Mahalakshmi devotees :

I know all of you would have come to this site with some desire in mind. Please don't worry. Show your whole hearted devotion to God. someday your prayers will be answered. I have a request. Never offer any thing to God like a "Deal". Now a days i see people making deals when they worship. They say, "Baba i did this for you, so you give this to me" ...well, if your involve in good activities like helping others in need and serving humanity as much as you can , surely all your sins will gradually be destroyed and you might be blessed with the gift you wish.

There are few good hearted souls who love God beyond what they give and take in life.I wish you also understand its important to worship whole heartedly with pure love on Goddess Mahalakshmi.

I don't know what this site can do compared to the contribution of our saints who sacrificed their entire life for writing scriptures and doing tapas in forest,bathing in holy rivers and leading a simple life. Atleast, i will consider myself gifted if this Mahalaksmi picture i took has powers to heal the pains of a true devotee of Mahalaxmi Ma and Shirdi saibaba.

I sincerely keep all the pure devotees who reads this in the holy feets of my sweet saint saibaba of shirdi and Goddess Mahalakshmi. May the almighty take care of you and bless you this minute.

C.Venkat Raman

Little servant of shirdi saibaba

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