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Collection of sai leela in which Shirdi saibaba blessed his devotees with Prosperity :

My sincere thanks to a wonderful sai baktha Vinny who has rewrote the book "Ambrosia in shirdi" written by Shri Ramalinga Swamiji. Sivanesan swamiji has requested Vinnay to rewrite the book and it was published in 1984.The service done by Vinny in rewriting the book has helped me learn lots of sai leela which we have not read in sai satcharita. I have included few of saibabas leela in which sai protected devotees in financial problems and blessed them with peace and prosperity.

I have included this sai leela pages to inspire and increase the faith in the hearts of shirdi saibaba devotees. So please read them and understand how much sai cares for his devotees welfare and blesses them with good job,protect their hard earned money and also bring them new opportunity to earn money. Thanks to for presenting this information from the book. These incidents would have happened between 1914 to 1918 before babas Mahasamadhi

This article and information has been removed since i faced some pains ....i dont want to hurt other copyrights and possessive with permission of shirdi saibaba i have temporarily deleted it as i dont know to get formal permission as i dont even know to whom to ask permission accept the sai i know.


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This leela has been removed since i faced some painful experiences ...i am after all a ordinary let me leave it to baba to decide either to replace this page with another leela, include the previous page or just delete thispage.....Am sorry for inconvinience caused...

What to do...only people with strong heart can face several very let me surrender to sai and keep quiet.


sairam friends,

I have tears in my eyes after reading this leela of our saibaba. See how he washes away bad karma of Vishnu pant by making him empty the pocket in shirdi asking for Dakshini and rewarding him later.When you are facing pains in life and financially suffering , remember its your past karma which is being washed away. Be calm and surrender to sai whole heartedly. Do what ever little you can to the poor and needy .Help your relatives and friends in need. Have a good heart and involve in good actions.Someday you will have a good leela of sai in your life.

Lets all bow to sri sai and Goddess Mahalakshmi for helping us know this beautiful leela of saibaba .Read this again and again.The more you read sais stories ,your sins will be washed away and sai will bless you with peace and prosperity. - Venkat

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