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Mahalakshmi Temple in shirdi :

The photograph i took in August 2007 outside Maha Lakshmi temple in shirdi. I request all shirdi sai baba devotees to go to this temple.Its very close to saibabas temple complex.Walk for five minutes in the prasadalaya road to reach this temple.Theres a Mahalakshmi and ancient sacred Astalakshmi ( 8 forms of Lakshmi ) in this temple.This Malalaxmi mandhir is a place which brings lots of peace of mind in my heart

mahalakshmi temple in shirdi

Mahalakshmi temple in shirdi :

I always loved Mahalakshmi so much and when my sweet saint saibabas place has a temple for Mahalakshmi , it makes me so happy to have Darshan of Goddess Lakshmi in this temple.Theres a good priest in this temple whom i like a lot. He was so kind and i get ashirwad from him everytime i go to shirdi. He always used to read a huge book written in telugu.

This purticular Mahalakshmi has helped me a lot.She protected my money while i experienced a painful situation in shirdi.She is a Goddess of mercy to me and i will always love her a lot and wish to remember her by lighting lamps saying Mahalakshmi Ashtakam mantra all my life

Mahalakshmi of shirdi has always protected me :

Once during our december 2006 visit to shirdi, we friends were walking on a road to have lunch as it was our last day of stay in shirdi. some kids were playing with Kites besides the road . Suddenly a white kite came flying and hit exactly the area on my face between two eyes and above nose. I was shocked .Nothing happened to be due to the placement of the kite .Thank God it din't hit my eyes .Irrespective of the fact that baba protected me, i still felt its not a good sign if a Kite flying somewhere hits me exactly on my last day at shirdi.

I felt may be baba is giving a hint for some danger ahead. Immediately i requested my friends that we must have lunch and leave shirdi only after having a darshan of Goddess Mahalakshmi in this temple. My friends also understood my feelings and we happily went to this Mahalakshmi temple , prayed whole heartedly to Laxmi devi to protect me from any danger and then only we left shirdi and reached our house safe.

The reason i write this incident is that during babas life time itself , there was a Lakshmi temple in shirdi which baba has used to do his leela.I got information that the Astalakshmi idols ( 8 stone like structures which are actually 8 forms of lakshmi ) kept in the present Mahalakshmi temple was actually taken from the lakhmi temple mentioned in sai satcharita chapter 13.

Lakshmi temple and sai leela during baabs time in shirdi :

Now read the incident as given below on how baba cured Bala Ganapat shimpi from Malaria :

"Feed the black dog in front of Lakshmi temple" - saibaba

A devotee of Baba by name Bala Ganapat Shimpi, suffered much from a malignant type of Malaria. he tried all sorts of medicines and decoctions, but in vain. The fever did not abate a jot and so he ran to Shirdi and fell on Baba's Feet. Sai Baba gave him a strage recipe, in this case as follows:- "Give a black dog some morsels of rice mixed with curds in front of the Laxmi temple". Bala Shimpi did not know, how to execute this recipe; but no sonner he went home, then he found rice and curds. After mixing them together, he brought the mixture near the Laxmi temple,to his surprise ,he found the a black dog waving its tail infront of Lakshmi temple. He placed the curds and rice before the dog. The dog ate it and, strange to say, Bala got rid of his Malaria.

I always wonderned what relationship a Black Dog has in curing a disease. If we think hard the answer is firstly the power of babas words. Secondly the reason behind the words. Baba has said no one goes to anyone without connection in previous birth.So may be this Black Dog waving tail has to be done a favour by Bala ganpat and there by clear his debt of past birth.This is how i gave meaning to this sai leela though sai alone knows the real meaning of his leelas.

Baba, you are my sweet heart. Your leelas are always beyond human experimentation. All we can do is to surrender to you whole heartedly and you will take care of the rest.

Lakshmi Narashimhar temple in shirdi :

Theres also a Laxmi Narashimhar temple besides a road near chavdi. There are huge Neem trees near this Laxmi Narashimhar temple.Please visit these Mahalakshmi temple and Lakshmi Narashimhar temple when you travel to shirdi.

Important information :

I am only a ordinary shirdi saibaba devotee and have no direct connetion with any temples mentioned above as i live thousands of miles away from shirdi.. I have included the above information about Mahalakshmi temple just to help shirdi sai devotees to learn that there is a mahalakshmi temple in shirdi and its good to have darshan of Goddess Mahalakshmi there. Its just like a pilgrimage experience which might benefit others .

My intention is only to spread the message of shirdi saibaba and good places and temples to visit around shirdi. Sai bless you friends.


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